Sign transaction

Keeper Wallet enables you to interact with web resources safely and approve or reject transactions with just one click, without sharing your secret phrase or private key.

Before you sign a transaction, you can review all its details, as well as select a token (instead of WAVES) to pay the fee.

Allow automatic signing

⚠️ Allow automatic signing with caution and only on websites you trust.

If you are going to sign a large number of transactions on a website, you can activate the automatic signing of transactions for a certain time.

  1. On the settings page, click Permissions control.

  2. Find the site on the White list or Custom list tab.

    If the site is not in any of the lists, first connect it (see Connecting website section). After that, the site will appear on the Custom list tab.

  3. Select the time in the Resolution time field.

  4. Specify the maximum amount of expenses in the Spending limit field. Please note: this limit applies only to transfers of WAVES and does not apply to other tokens or to payments attached to script invocations.

  5. Click Save.

View transaction history

On the History tab, you can see up to 100 recent transactions for each account. The tab provides filtering options including involved address, transaction type, direction (incoming or outcoming), transaction ID, token ID or name.

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