Connect website

The first time you try to interact with Keeper Wallet on a website, you will see the access request window. To allow using of Keeper on this site, click Auth. The site will be able to read your address and public key, but not your secret phrase and private key, and will still need to request your signature on each transaction on your behalf.
On selected Waves ecosystem websites such as,,, Keeper is always allowed.

Permissions control

To view the permissions, click
in the upper right corner of the Keeper window. On the settings page, click Permissions control.
The White list tab displays the sites where Keeper is always allowed, and the permission cannot be revoked.
The Custom list tab displays other Keeper-enabled websites you visited and their status:
  • Approved: the site is allowed to use Keeper,
  • Rejected: the site is blocked, and all requests to Keeper get the error Api rejected by user.
You can grant or revoke the permission with the
icon. If you remove a site from the list (
→ Delete), the site will request the permission again the next time it tries to interact with Keeper.
🛈 Read how to set automatic signing of transactions in Sign transaction section.